Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good Lord, Somethin's got a hold on me!!!

That is what I think was the thought running through kitty Jack's mind this morning. Let's start at the very beginning... and that is when my daughter woke me this morning, holding the clock beside her bed, which is now my bed, because my "real"bed is currently covered with parts of ceiling and wall due to the downstairs renovation. So... anyway, she is atnding there pointing out what time it is, and I am like, "that's great, 10 more minutes" until I realize that would only be true if the hour said 6 instead of 7... WE OVERSLEPT!!! Well, by this time the bus has gone and I have to take the kids to school anyway, so no need to kill ourselves rushing. So we all make our way downstairs. I am in the kitchen making breakfast and I can see to the back of the house from where I am. All of a sudden there is this amazing loud, and chaotic commotion from the back of the house. I am like "WTH!" thinking th plumbers have come in and started hurling stuff into the back room. Something is flying through that room with great speed and noise. It hurls by again and it is large and cream colored. It almost looks like something has come alive. Then it flies by again and I realize it is a Pottery Barn Bag, one of the large paper ones with handles, and my brain is unable to compute this.... why and how is a bag flying around the room? Then I realize the bag is attached to our black cat, Jack... mind you, all this is happening in seconds and the confusion and dismay is spreading like wildfire. Greta, has shot through the house like she is sure the devil has entered our house, Megan is screaming, Kaileigh is crying and the bag is still flying around the house with me in hot pursuit and of course Jack still attached and thinking his life is going to end any second. So, finally, through some merciful miracle, the bag releases Jack and he is free.

It took a good thirty minutes to calm the cats, console Kaileigh and return the house back to order... well, what little order can be found in a house under renovation. Ahhh, yes, life at my house.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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Our Charlie Dog passed away last night. He was only 7 years old. He was diagnosed with lymphocarcinoma just a couple months ago. His only symptom at that time was enlarged lymph nodes. He stayed strong and healthy unil the last few weeks when he began losing weight. He was wagging his tail and enjoying watching us play ball yesterday afternoon. He definitely was quiet and taking it easy but his passing last night was unexpected, even though possibly a blessing in that he died on his own terms and still able to get around and enjoy his family. He will be missed. Rest in peace Charlie-Dog.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Help! I am addicted to facebook!

Yep, i have become a hostage of facebook. So, if you were wondering, that is where I am, catching up with old classmates and long lost friends. It is a fun site! Also, the home renovation is in full swing. We are living in a completely altered state of existence which involves constant moving of our belongings. I have found it is a lot easier to just send stuff to Goodwill than find a place to stash it. I am wondering what I will be missing when it is time to resume our normally scheduled life ;) And don't even get me started on the absurdities of home loans/refinancing/equity... blah!!!