Monday, January 28, 2008

Having a fabric addiction

I adore fabric, so I buy fabric. Problem is, if you look at my shop, you will see there is not alot of fabric inventory. For some reason, my latest addiction has been making things out of felted sweaters and have not glanced at my fabric stash for a long time. I just went digging through there and was blown away by all of the cool fabrics I have tucked away in there. So many awesome decorator fabrics, Amy Butler prints, Heather Ross Prints.... ohhh, the possibilities. So I think I need to get my butt in gear and start thinking of fabric projects. My store needs some cotton to balance out all the wool.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shop Local and discover hidden treasures

I had been ordering hand crafted soap for a little while from many states away and had discovered how wonderful vegetable oil soaps really were. Honestly, I could not imagine ever going back to mass produced soap. My friend, knowing this, went to a craft fair and returned with a gift of soap for me. The craft fair was way up in Northern Virginia, I believe, hours away but this soap she bought there had an address of Callao, VA. I was so surprised, seeing as Callao is only about a 25 minute drive from where I live. I went on-line and searched the name of the soap, and found their web site Old Dominion Soap. I also was very surprised when I found they had an Etsy store odsoap. She does not sell often on Etsy, but still, what a small world!! So here, hidden away in this teeny town on the Northern Neck of Virginia was this awesome treasure trove of soap, lotions, candles and gifts!! I have been thrilled with everything I have bought and fallen completely in love with the pomegranate soap they sell. It does wonders for dry skin, and my eczema has never been better in winter. I was finishing up one bar of soap so I "had" to make the beautiful drive yesterday across the Rappahannock River to visit the shop and stock up. The short drive was gorgeous, the shop is so nice and quaint. How often do you get to buy things and the person ringing up the sale is the person who created the goods? I think, the shop local challenge is something everybody should try, I have a feeling there are many other hidden treasures out there, and I am so looking forward to discovering them.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mommy, does my face look different

I have heard this one many times or a varying versions. I am always amazed at how kid's have a need to display their mischief, well, not only display it, but display it with glee. This was what my 9 and a half year old said to me the other evening. I glanced at her, figuring she has been in my makeup bag again and made some comment like, yeah yeah... and finished what I was doing. That is when I remembered my recent purchase from MINERALMAGIC, I ordered a nifty little trio sampler with concealer, pink and brown. I gave it a try as soon as I got it and loved it! The concealer was awesome!! Well... those samples are a nice size sample, but still just a sample, and when I looked closer at my daughter I realized her skin had a definite pinkness. She had used my new pink (which I bought as eyeshadow) all over her face. She just dug right in to the little container and rubbed it all over... ugh! So, as you can see from the picture, there went a good chunk of my pink sample. So, I reminded my oldest about asking Mommy first next time and I could tell she felt bad... poor thing, she thought she was just getting pretty. Anyway, I am really impressed with MINERALMAGIC's makeup and would highly recommend it to everybody.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cranky Crafter

Yep, I am a cranky crafter. Actually, I am not really cranky when I am crafting, the yarn and I are getting along well, it is just these kids, LOL! Anyway, I finished knitting a little pouch and then decided to embellish it with something, it just seemed too plain. So, immediately my eye went to the below mentioned sweater. I cut out a pansy flower and used another upcycled sweater to make the leaves. Now all that is left is for it to be attached to the pouch and I will hopefully list it tomorrow. I was so upset I did not get it done today because the sunshine was beautiful outside, perfect for pictures.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Waiting to become something amazing

I just felted this amazing sweater and cannot wait to see what it becomes!! I love these colors and the stripes are so cool. My sister gave me this sweater for my son to wear. It is a very expensive sweater but the size seemed odd to me. It did not say anything about being a kid's size small, and I am not sure the store it is from even has a kids section. It is from a very expensive store. It just says it is a size small. That was when I realized she must have accidentally washed it and shrank it... so, I call that a sweater looking for new life... I completed the felting of it and now it is going to be something amazing... I just feel it. Purse... hairband... Flower broach.... oh the possibilities!!! I love it!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I listed two new items today

WooHoo!! Got two new listings up today! I had thought I would hold off on trying to list often until Fall of this year, but it just feels right to be crafting and listing. I still got a lot of other things accomplished. I had a bunch of eBay listings ending today which I consider to be part of cleaning house since it is items that are clutter makers, like toys... ugh! I also got the Feb nursery schedule for church done and sent out. Played with the kids and even fit a nap in. I feel pretty accomplished.
Anyway, about my two new listings. The picture frame is something I am so proud of. I fell in love with that fishing catalogue as soon as I found it at a yard sale. I knew I wanted to do something special with it. I think the frame is a perfect way to show off the vintage images. It would look awesome displaying somebody with their latest big catch. There are still plenty of pages left in the catalogue. I can't wait for the next insporation to hit.
Also, I created a really cool bracelet, elstic wrap with my all-time favorite vintage button. I am not sure what the button is made of, it is very substantial and I love how parts of it are clear. Just the best button evah!!! Well, I have babbled enough for the night.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The messy workspace

At my old job, an office job, the importance of a clean desk was stressed as being extremely important. It was believed an unorganized desk was a sign of ignorance and inability. LOL!! So funny, I would walk past somebody with an immaculate desk, and they would be snoozing at their computer, and I would have to think, "so this is what a smart and productive employee looks like." Why is it that assumptions have to be made based on something like a desk. OK, obviously if I was a neat and tidy person this would not be an issue for me, but you know what, I am not. My desk at my old job was always overflowing and messy. And I busted my butt at that job and contributed tons, but obviously, since I was incapable of a clean desk, I must have been an ignorant person... ugh! Corporate America can really drive me crazy sometimes. So, why am I thinking of all this? Well, I am decoupaging a picture frame in my craft room, and in order to make room, I just totally swept a load of crap over to one side of my work table. And, for a slight moment, I felt an urge to beat myself up about it, to really give my self esteem a good whooping... but you know what? I am who I am. Yes, I would like that table to be clean, but it isn't, no point beating myself up about it. Indstead, I am just going to have to make sure my next project is big enough to take up the whole table, that will get it cleared off, LOL!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Find me on Etsy

Come find me on Etsy, this is the link to my shop:

I sell a hodgepodge of items. I am waiting to fall in love with one media, but going with my personality, I just don't think that is going to happen. I love it all. But I am leaning towards a more natural material road, I am enjoying working with wool and leather. Also, fabric is just something I love, cotton fabrics are so wonderful, all of the colors and patterns. I am also a button fanatic! I love using buttons on everything. So, as you can see, I love variety, but I tend to be a rustic, natural type of girl. Check my shop out and see what you think.