Thursday, August 28, 2008

Visually Stunning Item Shots on Etsy

One of the benefits of shopping on etsy is enjoying the imagery of the listings. I love the fact that I can be shopping for an item, such as a scarf, and be stopped in my tracks with a visual treat such as this:

This image is one of the shots of ecological artist's Cochineal Pink Scarf.

The colors are so bright and vivid within the shot and I love the chickens, Mr. tough guy rooster strutting his stuff with a hen in his wake. Looks like something out of a children's story. And all of this topped off by the hanging wisteria blossoms. Fabulous!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Even Pneumonia can't slow him down

My little guy is such a trooper. I took him to the doctor last Thursday for his school physical. My thinking was that since he no longer was running a fever, he was on the tail end of the summer flu he had picked up. My hubby was also recovering from his bout with the same flu. Well, you can imagine how shocked I was when the doctor listened to his lungs and told me he had pneumonia and also an ear infection! Yikes! Poor little guy. We were all amazed that he was not complaining of any pain. So he has been on an antibiotic and seems to be doing much better, even though he wasn't doing so bad at the time. My mom guilt kicked in because I felt bad I did not realize how sick he was, but this kid is so hard to read. He is such a ham and so sweet even when he is sick. I shot some video of the two little ones playing ball on Monday. He is really feeling much better now, as you can see in the video. They totally crack me up.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Weekend in DC, Sickies & Job Interview

Well, as summer as winding down, I am looking more and more towards the arrival of fall. My oldest is off visiting her dad in North Carolina, and I miss her and am ready for her to be home. Also, the sickies have descended upon us, some horrible fever/aches/chest congestion thing that has had by son and hubby in a pretty pitiful state of existance. Luckily, hubby was not too sick this weekend to enjoy our trip to DC. We stayed at a really cool hotel in Arlington and enjoyed biking, hiking, dining and shopping in the Northern Virginia area.
Driving home Sunday, I got a call about a job I had applied for, they wanted me to interview Monday. With hubby being home sick, I was able to meet for the interview. It is a part time secretary job in my church. I think it is the perfect job for where I am at right now, but I wasn't really thinking of working so all of this is kind of sudden. I guess I am not going to worry about it until they offer me the job, then I will go with my gut. I think I am ready for a bit of a break, my nerves have been a bit on edge being with the kids all day, every day, so part time may be the perfect answer.
I have started a couple of new projects. With the cooler weather, I am feeling more like creating. I find having a three year old is a major road block on the crafting super highway. She is not like my other kids, very into everything and always grabbing and touching. I let her do her own crafts, but most of the time she ends up coloring herself or stuff around her. She is definitely my handful. Yes, a break may be just what I need.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poor, mis-treated blog

I have been a terrible blogger! The summer has been so hectic and recently I have been on a crafting hiatus, not really by my own choosing, just not feeling very inspired these days. Also, it does not help that my craft room is still turned upside down from some major redecorating and re-organizing that I can never seem to get finished.
As for the book Last Child in the Woods, I started it, and it is so good, but it brought me quickly back to my days as a Wildlife Management Major at Virginia Tech and my anti-textbook gene kicked in and I was immediately put to sleep. I don't know why things like dates and historical facts are an instant cure for my insomnia. But, I quickly remembered the many unfinished/dropped college classes and decided to try the book again later.
Instead, I have read Redeeming Love (which was one of the best books I have read in a while) and Sundays at Tiffanys (which was great light reading for vacation).
I am feeling the summer burnout and am so ready for fall. I am hoping the recent cooling spell we have had will get my crafting juices flowing. Also, I have two kids getting ready to go back to school. I hope that will help... but, then again, I have just applied for a part time job at my church, so that may completely turn my world in another direction. I just wish decisions were easier for me.