Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Weekend in DC, Sickies & Job Interview

Well, as summer as winding down, I am looking more and more towards the arrival of fall. My oldest is off visiting her dad in North Carolina, and I miss her and am ready for her to be home. Also, the sickies have descended upon us, some horrible fever/aches/chest congestion thing that has had by son and hubby in a pretty pitiful state of existance. Luckily, hubby was not too sick this weekend to enjoy our trip to DC. We stayed at a really cool hotel in Arlington and enjoyed biking, hiking, dining and shopping in the Northern Virginia area.
Driving home Sunday, I got a call about a job I had applied for, they wanted me to interview Monday. With hubby being home sick, I was able to meet for the interview. It is a part time secretary job in my church. I think it is the perfect job for where I am at right now, but I wasn't really thinking of working so all of this is kind of sudden. I guess I am not going to worry about it until they offer me the job, then I will go with my gut. I think I am ready for a bit of a break, my nerves have been a bit on edge being with the kids all day, every day, so part time may be the perfect answer.
I have started a couple of new projects. With the cooler weather, I am feeling more like creating. I find having a three year old is a major road block on the crafting super highway. She is not like my other kids, very into everything and always grabbing and touching. I let her do her own crafts, but most of the time she ends up coloring herself or stuff around her. She is definitely my handful. Yes, a break may be just what I need.

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Mixed Species said...

Good luck on the job! Sorry to hear the fam has been under the weather, summer colds have hit us as well. Aren't we supposed to not get them until it's cold out?
Remember a tall glass of gin before bed helps keep the demons away.