Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poor, mis-treated blog

I have been a terrible blogger! The summer has been so hectic and recently I have been on a crafting hiatus, not really by my own choosing, just not feeling very inspired these days. Also, it does not help that my craft room is still turned upside down from some major redecorating and re-organizing that I can never seem to get finished.
As for the book Last Child in the Woods, I started it, and it is so good, but it brought me quickly back to my days as a Wildlife Management Major at Virginia Tech and my anti-textbook gene kicked in and I was immediately put to sleep. I don't know why things like dates and historical facts are an instant cure for my insomnia. But, I quickly remembered the many unfinished/dropped college classes and decided to try the book again later.
Instead, I have read Redeeming Love (which was one of the best books I have read in a while) and Sundays at Tiffanys (which was great light reading for vacation).
I am feeling the summer burnout and am so ready for fall. I am hoping the recent cooling spell we have had will get my crafting juices flowing. Also, I have two kids getting ready to go back to school. I hope that will help... but, then again, I have just applied for a part time job at my church, so that may completely turn my world in another direction. I just wish decisions were easier for me.


twiddlestix said...

I hear you on the burnout thing. Hope you get your groove back soon!

Thomas said...

Oh I must read that, I LOVE James Paterson, dont know if it out in the UK yet, probably not

Thomas said...

Thomas is really Junie from Etsy !!