Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The messy workspace

At my old job, an office job, the importance of a clean desk was stressed as being extremely important. It was believed an unorganized desk was a sign of ignorance and inability. LOL!! So funny, I would walk past somebody with an immaculate desk, and they would be snoozing at their computer, and I would have to think, "so this is what a smart and productive employee looks like." Why is it that assumptions have to be made based on something like a desk. OK, obviously if I was a neat and tidy person this would not be an issue for me, but you know what, I am not. My desk at my old job was always overflowing and messy. And I busted my butt at that job and contributed tons, but obviously, since I was incapable of a clean desk, I must have been an ignorant person... ugh! Corporate America can really drive me crazy sometimes. So, why am I thinking of all this? Well, I am decoupaging a picture frame in my craft room, and in order to make room, I just totally swept a load of crap over to one side of my work table. And, for a slight moment, I felt an urge to beat myself up about it, to really give my self esteem a good whooping... but you know what? I am who I am. Yes, I would like that table to be clean, but it isn't, no point beating myself up about it. Indstead, I am just going to have to make sure my next project is big enough to take up the whole table, that will get it cleared off, LOL!

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Amy Yang said...

Hmm, I took a picture quite similar to this one today of my own work space. It was intended to be cleaned up by tonight but I got inspired. Maybe tomorrow :)