Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I listed two new items today

WooHoo!! Got two new listings up today! I had thought I would hold off on trying to list often until Fall of this year, but it just feels right to be crafting and listing. I still got a lot of other things accomplished. I had a bunch of eBay listings ending today which I consider to be part of cleaning house since it is items that are clutter makers, like toys... ugh! I also got the Feb nursery schedule for church done and sent out. Played with the kids and even fit a nap in. I feel pretty accomplished.
Anyway, about my two new listings. The picture frame is something I am so proud of. I fell in love with that fishing catalogue as soon as I found it at a yard sale. I knew I wanted to do something special with it. I think the frame is a perfect way to show off the vintage images. It would look awesome displaying somebody with their latest big catch. There are still plenty of pages left in the catalogue. I can't wait for the next insporation to hit.
Also, I created a really cool bracelet, elstic wrap with my all-time favorite vintage button. I am not sure what the button is made of, it is very substantial and I love how parts of it are clear. Just the best button evah!!! Well, I have babbled enough for the night.

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Spa Therapy Works said...

It feels so good to accomplish a bunch of things, isn't it? My goal is to be more productive today since yesterday I didn't do much.