Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shop Local and discover hidden treasures

I had been ordering hand crafted soap for a little while from many states away and had discovered how wonderful vegetable oil soaps really were. Honestly, I could not imagine ever going back to mass produced soap. My friend, knowing this, went to a craft fair and returned with a gift of soap for me. The craft fair was way up in Northern Virginia, I believe, hours away but this soap she bought there had an address of Callao, VA. I was so surprised, seeing as Callao is only about a 25 minute drive from where I live. I went on-line and searched the name of the soap, and found their web site Old Dominion Soap. I also was very surprised when I found they had an Etsy store odsoap. She does not sell often on Etsy, but still, what a small world!! So here, hidden away in this teeny town on the Northern Neck of Virginia was this awesome treasure trove of soap, lotions, candles and gifts!! I have been thrilled with everything I have bought and fallen completely in love with the pomegranate soap they sell. It does wonders for dry skin, and my eczema has never been better in winter. I was finishing up one bar of soap so I "had" to make the beautiful drive yesterday across the Rappahannock River to visit the shop and stock up. The short drive was gorgeous, the shop is so nice and quaint. How often do you get to buy things and the person ringing up the sale is the person who created the goods? I think, the shop local challenge is something everybody should try, I have a feeling there are many other hidden treasures out there, and I am so looking forward to discovering them.

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