Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mommy, does my face look different

I have heard this one many times or a varying versions. I am always amazed at how kid's have a need to display their mischief, well, not only display it, but display it with glee. This was what my 9 and a half year old said to me the other evening. I glanced at her, figuring she has been in my makeup bag again and made some comment like, yeah yeah... and finished what I was doing. That is when I remembered my recent purchase from MINERALMAGIC, I ordered a nifty little trio sampler with concealer, pink and brown. I gave it a try as soon as I got it and loved it! The concealer was awesome!! Well... those samples are a nice size sample, but still just a sample, and when I looked closer at my daughter I realized her skin had a definite pinkness. She had used my new pink (which I bought as eyeshadow) all over her face. She just dug right in to the little container and rubbed it all over... ugh! So, as you can see from the picture, there went a good chunk of my pink sample. So, I reminded my oldest about asking Mommy first next time and I could tell she felt bad... poor thing, she thought she was just getting pretty. Anyway, I am really impressed with MINERALMAGIC's makeup and would highly recommend it to everybody.

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