Saturday, September 12, 2009

We can see the light....

at the end of the renovation tunnel. It has been a long hard... sometimes very hard, summer. Our renovation began in April and we are waiting on some final cabinet pieces (which includes our bathroom vanity) which will then allow the painters to finish and that will pretty much be the conclusion of this adventure. We have gone from this:

which was the room in use as a nursery, later to be a jumbled craft/toy room.

to this:

you can see the frame for the tub in the bottom right.

to a fabulous master bathroom where I actually fit in the bathtub!!

I really can't believe it is almost done. I spent so much time worrying about my design choices, the tile colors, the fixture choices, paint colors.... there just were so many decisions and they had to all add up to a completed picture that at one point I wasn't even sure if I remembered what it was. I just look around now in amazement that it all worked out. To see my thoughts and ideas in real life and see they my choices were good and that it all works! What a load off!

The awesome graphics around my master tub are from LeenTheGraphicsQueen.

The master bath was added, we also renovated our original bath. I will post that next.


Tracyjamesabby said...

I cannot believe that is the same house..It looks great. Great job.

Terresa said...

love the sling fabric! And love the room. A work in progress is always something to be anticipated, dreamed of, longed for. This looks like no exception.

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Priscila said...

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