Monday, January 17, 2011

Bus Bully & Safety Solution

Our Government continually cuts funding for schools but then wonders how what is wrong with our country.  We need more money in our schools.  We need to invest in the education, protection and mental health of our youth.

One of the things that amazes me is we have one adult on our buses.  One adult to drive, load and unload and monitor behavior.  Is this beyond ridiculous to anybody else.  We are willing to put the safety of our children at risk because our schools do not have the funding to hire two individuals per bus.  Just think how dangerous it is to drive and watch what is happening with 40 kids all at the same time.  Why is our society OK with this!?!?  Have we really come to just accept that education is not a priority because of cost.... 

How can this be changed?  When will the money in this country start going to where it is needed as opposed to where it is wanted. 

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