Monday, March 7, 2011

Sports Pit

That is where this country keeps pouring its money... that is what we are investing in.  So sad.  I just can't stand the fact that our nation so heavily rewards those who are only rated on a limited ability, an ability that really has no productive addtition to our society.  I do not doubt that there are generous atheletes that give back, but the whole system is generally directed towards a negative path.  There is a reason that most commercials related to sports are focused on sex, alcohol and sodas.  These are some of our countries worse crutches, so why do we continue to pour our money in the pit?  The truly productive individuals, especially teachers, are so underpaid.  Our schools are falling down around us.  We continue to cut programs, especially the arts, but sports stars are living fantasy lives.  Kids are not trying to get the great grades, they are spending all their time, dreaming about making it big in the sports field because that is where the money is.  And then people wonder why our country is failing.  Why can't we wake up and stop obsessing about men and women playing professional sports?

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