Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hanging in here

I am still waiting on my possible good thing...
But, on another note, I have been so busy with work, I have hardly had time to think about it.
Work has been crazy and life has been crazy.
I am organizing our Christmas pageant at church. Our kids are so fabulous. They really make me laugh. But, boy, do they wear me out.

So, have you heard about this crazy act that was passed by our government? They are requiring that all items manufactured that could be marketed to children 12 and younger must go through Government approved testing in order to be sold?
I absolutely adore buying handmade, especially for my children. Knowing where my children's toys are made and in what conditions is such a fabulous benefit to buying handmade. It is nice not to have to wonder if the item I am buying was made by a machine run by a child or an overworked, underpaid factory worker. It is nice to know that it is made with a joy of the art of making. But the government is making it nearly impossible for small business toy makers to continue. Check it out and alert your congressman or senator to how you feel about this.

As a consumer, this act infuriates me. I buy handmade, I love that handmade items are available to me, that I as a consumer, can judge a toy by it's original maker, is a right I believe I should have and the fact that the government is trying to block me from buying from those I wish to buy from by shutting them down with absurd laws absolutely infuriates me. Our government is OK with having toys made in sweatshops by impoverished people who are being taken advantage of by their governments, but it is finding a way to block positive, small businesses from being available to consumers.... I just don't get it!!

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