Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thinking Ahead is for Losers!

Umm... not really, I am just spiteful in my envy of those who actually pay attention to the calendar and realize that October means December is coming. Instead, I see October as just the beginning of fall and surely there is plenty of time before winter and I am sure if I started thinking of winter/Christmas things I would be totally crazy.... WRONG... LOL!!!
I will always be a last minute person. Planning just does not work for me. Which in some ways can be a positive, I tend to enjoy the minute and not worry about planning this and that only to have it interrupted by the unexpected. But, of course there are the cons, like running out to WalMart at 10pm on Thanksgiving eve to buy supplies for making that appetizer for Thanksgiving Day. Or realizing all my great plans for ordering fabulous presents for friends and family needed to be done weeks ago as opposed to right up to the last day to ship deadlines.
Well, I hope I can still find some items to purchase that are ready to ship. Shame on me for putting things off again.

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