Sunday, November 30, 2008

SOAP! A slight addiction...

I think I may have a bit of a soap addiction. I love handmade/natural made soaps and bath products. I have purchased from nine different etsy shops and also sampled a local soap shop and two popular big name, yet still small, shops. I just love handmade soap and bath products.
I would love to share some of my favorites with all of you and encourage you to try handmade bath products. Supporting small business is always a good thing, but also there is a lot less packaging which environmentally is a huge plus and the products do not involve a mysterious manufacturing process that could involve unknown chemicals, unknown labor conditions, etc.

Of my purchases, here are my favorites:

roseofsharonacres tooth chips:
If you want truly clean teeth, like after the dentist clean, I highly recommend you try toothchips. I am so lazy in the bathroom so I sometimes grab the toothpaste tube instead of these, and if I do that for a while and then go back to the tooth chips, I can actually taste all the gunk (gross, I know) that my toothpast has been missing. I thought the fowl taste was the tooth chips, but after using them for a while, you will find the taste improves as your mouth becomes cleaner.

This fabulous shave soap from Gudonyatoo:
I have the grapefruit version of this shave soap in my shower and I adore it. Works great for shaving but I also have used it for my body and hair with great results. This bar lathers easily, is nice and dense. It has lasted ages and I love it!

The best soap EVAH! This pomegranate soap by Old Dominion Soap Company:

These soaps nver get slimy, they lather really well, nice and sudsy and the bars are very dense so they do not wear disappear quickly.

And this massage bar from lush:
I use this as a lotion bar. I must admit, I haven't had it in a while but when I did have it, I loved it. The smell seems a tad strong at first but it grows on you quickly.


Angela said...

The tooth chips sound great! I might have to try them.

twiddlestix said...

Great looking soaps! There are so many out there, hard to choose- great reviews on these!

Vinyl Rocks My World said...

Oh man, I am a sucker for soaps.. And I am IN LOVE with lush! My sorority sister buys for me all the time. We finally got the first one in the state this fall.. and it's in my hometown! :O)

Meaghan said...

Hope you had a great holiday! I started a new project and wanted your input. You can read about it on my blog by clicking on Gifts For Cancer Patients which is on the right side of my blog!

let me know what you think :)

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Thanks for stopping by the Card blog today! I can't promise frequent updates (we're still trying to figure out exactly *what* to write about...), I'm so happy to make someone's day better with a little card action! : )