Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Update on Little Feet

My little guy with the foot issue I mentioned a few blogs back seems to be doing much better. One idea we had was that his feet had gotten frost bite during an icy snow we had during February.  That would explain the thick peeling skin.  We had a bit of a nasty snow today so I took some time to clean his feet with a betadine wash.  Then I used the hairdryer to dry them off nicely and make sure all areas of his feet were clean.  We bought some little dog boots and they fit his little feet perfectly.  They did a good job protecting his feet for part of the day even though I took them off when I left the farm but if you can stay on top of them, changing and drying them in between, they were a fabulous solution.  I am very proud of how far this little guy has come.The peeling skin is almost completely gone and I think once Spring is in full swing, he will be running around at full speed with the rest of the cria posse.

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