Monday, March 10, 2008

Free laughs on

I know when I talk about to some of my friends, they just don't get it, including my husband. They think I am a tad obssessed. But, honestly, window shopping on etsy can make you laugh out loud. The people on that site are comic geniuses. These cards by GenObata are just amazing. First of all, his cat Lilly is so expressive. Her expressions alone make me laugh. But then her as a giant feature in these familiar tourist images just is so funny. I love everything about these cards and think they would be perfect for every occassion. Check out GenObata's shop and check out all of the places Lilly has visited in her travels.


Nnairda's said...

Love those cards! I had a spotted cat just like that. I called him Yin Yang.

Too funny!!

PinkPoochDesigns said...

Those are funny cards, and I know what you mean when you talk about etsy. I get the same thing :0)