Friday, March 21, 2008

Nothing is safe from becoming something else.

At least that is true for my house. I can barely stand to throw anything away without staring at it for a few minutes and wondering if it has a new life as something else. Tonight, it is one of those times where there is no doubt. I was inspired to do the above treasury by the task I was performing when the treasury opened. I was cutting apart Kaileigh's old amber teething necklace. The amber on this necklace is gorgeous! I bought this from a reputable source, spent quite a bit of money on it, and my daughter decided when she was about 2 to bite one of the beads off. That is one of those fun memories I will have for a long time. I remeber where we were when I realized she was fiddling with something in her mouth. But that is my Kaileigh, always straight to the mouth, or on the skin or on the walls... always wherever it does not belong, LOL! So, I am cutting all the tied beads from this necklace and thinking I would love to have myself a stretch ring and the treasury became available. Yay!!
I like this treasury alot! Hope you do too.

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