Saturday, April 12, 2008

Attn Etsy Shoppers: Tonight is SNS Night!!!!

I love to shop on Etsy!!! I am probably more of a buyer than a seller seeing that I have 54 purchases and only 15 sales. I am obviously not breaking even here, LOL! So, I am always shocked at the fact that the SNS goes relatively unnoticed by buyers only. I am not speaking of all buyers, but I think quite a few buyers do not venture into the forums so I think they miss this awesome opportunity to shop handmade on sale. That is a shame because the deals to be had on the SNS thread are awesome!! And, if you venture into the SNS Companion thread in the Etc forum, you will find that sellers are actually giving away free things.... I'm dyin' if I'm lyin' (little Jerry Clower impersonation there). So, buyers, please come check out the SNS thread tonight and do a little handmade bargain shopping. I will come back later with the link to tonight's thread.
Come and shop the SNS Sale Thread!!

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ThePeachTree said...

I hope you rocked out the SNS!!