Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Buy Handmade: Etsy Cards

There is an amazing selection of handmade cards on, so I wanted to take a moment to point out four etsy artists who make amazing cards. I also want to encourage you to buy handmade cards as opposed to the mass produced cards available in the stores. You may ask: Why buy handmade?
Here is a great link for info on that:
Also, on that site, you can make a pledge to buy handmade.
For me personally, it means so much to me that I am buying something that involved the hands of an individual, and that dedication and passion goes into each card. Also, when buying handmade, especially cards, you are buying individual works of art. The makers of these cards put a little of themselves into each card. You are not buying a cookie cutter illustration that has been over-analyzed and over-tweaked by industry people. you are buying something that comes from thew soul of an individual.
Another reason, the price of store cards continues to rise. Why pay such a large sum of money for a mass-produced card when you can get so much more for the same amount of money.
I have highlighted four card makers from etsy and I encourage you to check out their stores and buy some handmade cards.
Please check out these terrific artists.


twiddlestix said...

Backwoods- this is so sweet of you to feature me. I totally agree with everything you said about cards you buy from a store. You have featured some really great artists along with me! It always amazes me when I see the variety of differnt styles!

Freshline Illustration. said...

Backwoods- THANK YOU so much for featuring me (along with the other amazing artists!) on your blog. It means so much to me and made my day! I couldn't agree with you more about buying handmade cards. There are so many talented artists designing greeting cards on etsy. Buy handmade! =)