Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our family is crazy

Honestly, our family is whacky. For example:
Yesterday, my son comes home from kindergarten all excited about movie night at his school. I figure it would be fun to take the whole family so we decide to eat quick and get to the school a little early to get good seats. They are showing Kung Fu Panda. So, I grab his bookbag to double-check the flyer for the start time, yep, it is 7:00pm so we order dominos pizza and chow down. We did good with the time and were all piled in the truck by 6:42, blankets for the kids to sit on, all wrapped up in our big jackets (it is cold outside). The school is about a mile from our house. We are all like "whoohoo, movie night! this will be fun!".... about half way there, my 10 year old daughter pipes up "I sure hope we have the right night" and it hits me, I never checked the date on the flyer, I was just riding on the planning ability of a 6 year old. Well, we come in view of the school and, wow, it sure looks empty. My hubby pulls around to shine the lights on the sign out front "Movie Night 7pm Jan 16th". Hmmm, well, we called the movie dry run a flying success and decided we will be well prepared for the real thing on Friday, LOL! Since we were all out we decided to go to the grocery store and actually accomplish something. Our family is so crazy.


Vinyl Rocks My World said...

Hahaha! That is too funny! I have definitely done that, myself. Nothing like showing up for a class on the wrong day!

Angela said...

Movie night at school sounds like such a fun idea! I hope you have fun on FRIDAY!

KrazyFashion said...

hahaha awww how silly. At least you guys were together.
Hope movie night was fun the day of. lol :D