Monday, January 26, 2009

Some Woodsy Picks

I have been shopping on etsy for quite some time now. I actually started under the user name boogiesgalore... and, holy cow, I just looked it up and I joined in November of 2006. I had no idea it had been over two years. But my 85 pages of favorites makes more sense. I have no idea how I managed to accumalate over 800 favorite shops, but they all are important to me. I go through them and I honestly "know" each of them. I sometimes am a tad frightened at how many etsy shops I "know".
So, I picked these gorgeous woodsy finds from page 84 of my 85 pages of sellers. I have bought from two of these sellers and just haven't been able to make up my mind on a favorite to purchase from the other two shops, they have so many wonderful things.

Grassy Hill - Original Fabric on Wood Art by shellieartist

The Artful Raccoon Print 8.5 in x 11 in by johnwgolden

Squat orb ground sphere - an ikebana style vase by Earth N Elements Pottery

Earthy Pine Cone wrap scarf by circularaccessories



Angela said...

Love Grassy Hill!

Flight Fancy said...

Oh so lovely! It's always so hard to pick from all the wonderful choices.

Flax and Spindle said...

I lOVE the grassy print...

twiddlestix said...

It's fun going through those shops isn't it? The ones that you have loved for so long. Great picks!