Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a day! Guess what I saw this morning...

So, today is such a momentous day in our history, I was excited about it anyway. But then driving to drop my daughter off at the babysitters, I saw something so cool, it made the day even better.
Above our town office building, in the sky, I saw two large birds, they were flying erratically and I soon realized they were fighting. Then I saw something fall from where they were in the sky and land in a parking lot adjacent to the town offices. That was when I put it all together, they were two Bald Eagles, one had a kill and the other was trying to take it. I was so tempted to pull in the parking lot to get a close look at what they were fighting over but I was in quite a rush. As I drove by I got a pretty good look and from driving by three more times today, (always running, to work, from work, to home) I was able to determine it was an adult duck!!! Crazy huh? Sad that they would not come back to get it, I guess the area was too busy for them.
Anyway, I thought that was so cool. Living near the river, we get some awesome views of our nation's bird. They are so majestic and impressive.


Angela said...

Wow! I bet that was an impressive thing to see.

Contagious Creations Jewelry said...

That must have been amazing! I even get excited when I see them flying or in a tree. They're just such amazing large birds. They're so magnificent to watch!