Monday, June 14, 2010

Crafting is my obsession...

So when the diynetwork had a run of handmade/handcrafted shows on during the day time hours a couple of years ago, such as B. Original and Creative Juice, I was completely glued to the TV, just soaking it all in.  So, thanks to that and my love of Etsy and youtube videos and crafting web pages, my brain is bursting with snippets.  And the problem with my snippets, they never have the pertinent info that makes it possible for me to locate the information again, ugh!  Like the name of the artist, or even which show it was on.  I once saw an episode that was on book binding, it was filmed at the artist's studio and she made incredible books and I loved her technique.  I want to try something similar, and I think I remember enough of what I saw to make it work, but I would LOVE to see the video again, just to have her name to show off her books to all of you.  I have searched Google, HGTV and youtube but no luck.  Oh, if only I could get paid for the time I sspend searching for things on the internet.  It really is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, only the haystack is the size of Texas!

PS Did you know Cathie Filian has a shop on Etsy?  How cool is that?

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