Monday, June 21, 2010

Introducing our Jack Rat!

I have been keeping a eye out for a small dog for my son, be it on the down-low... I have a lot of anti-pet people who think anybody is insane for adding responsibility on to a busy life via a non-human extra mouth.  But I really feel like our house was missing something since our yellow lab passed away last summer.  I mainly wanted to get a dog for my son, who I feel needs a little boost.  I think he sometimes feels a little neglected in the middle of his two sisters.  Well, a neighbor posted on her facebook account that she had Jack Rat puppies, they are a mix between Jack Russell Terriers and Rat Terriers.  So we received our new puppy, Ranger, on Sunday and I am tickled pink with this little guy!  Nights have been a little rough but so far, he has been a dream puppy.  So cute and energetic.

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