Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shopping Like I Mean It!!

I am a huge on-line shopper and I am proud to admit it.  I find I save big bucks by utilizing all of the fabulous online tools.  I am a member of ebates.  I do get a $5 kickback for every individual I get to sign up, but those have been far and few between because I think a lot of people are very cautious about signing up for money related things on the internet.  I have read some sketchy things about ebates, there are some spyware programs supposedly associated with the site, but I still can't help but sing its praises.  I have gotten $388 in cash back since joining.  And I tend to order over the internet as opposed to going to the store in order to get the cash back and take advantage of on-line coupon codes that I would not get in the store. 
We purchased our Washer and Dryer from Home Depot and got $45.33 back through ebates.  That is cash that the average Joe going to the stroe would have never seen!!!

Sometimes the cash back isn't really worth mentioning, like today I shopped on-line at Kohls where the ebates cash back was only 2%.  But get this... I used the 30% off coupon code (no, I did not receive it in the mail, but shopping on line does not care if I do not have the paper in my hand, all I need is the code *wink*) and I used a Dockers 15% off code for 2 pairs of shorts for the hubby, they were originally $44, on sale for $21.99, yet with my 15% and 30%, I got them for $13.08 each!  And I forgot to mention FREE SHIPPING!  So why would I drive the hour to kohls?  I also saved the gas money too! 

Shopping on-line works!  I will talk soon about coupon codes!

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