Thursday, September 11, 2008

Buyer Show and Tell in Virtual Labs

I attended a virtual lab yesterday that was a Buyer Show and Tell. It was great fun to talk about wonderful finds I have found on etsy but I was upset more people did not show up. We created the above treasury by showing off favorites... which I love to do. I am finding it difficult to find a place to talk shopping on etsy. Things get buried immediately in the promotions forum. I can post finds here but I like to "talk" about things. I find that it is fun to make treasuries to show off my finds, but these days, with well over 1000 treasuries out there, it is difficult to even wade through that area of etsy.
I am definitely more of a buyer than a seller, but the etsy community seems to be mostly for the sellers.
So, if you like to talk shopping on etsy, and you have found a fun place to do it, let me know. Also, if you are a buyer, please check the virtual lab schedule and check out the next buyer show and tell. It is tons of fun to make a treasury and show off the really unique things you have found while shopping.


Kala Pohl Studio said...

Hi, thank you for commenting on my Blog. I read your favorite movies and know why we relate to each other:) Great to find kindred spirits, isn't it? I also know what you mean about the forums. I have been lurking and posting my blogs, but the few efforts I had made to start a topic got buried so fast....:)

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Hi! I didn't know about the virtual lab thing--I've never done one before, but it sounds interesting! Love the treasury, it's gorgoeus.

Have you tried joining any of the NING groups--like indiepublic or find one that has similar interests to yours. They are great places to discuss things--just start forum discussions, it's not as bad as the forums at Etsy where everyone is moving so fast! I belong to the Cottage Style ning group and we have had some really great discussions there.
Just something to think about :o)

Smiles, Karen