Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Working on my Birthday Wishlist

So, I am really doing some heavy duty window shopping on Etsy. I have a birthday coming up in mid-October and I want to send everybody to my favorites for some birthday ideas. But, I almost feel overwhelmed trying to make decisions. I LOVE etsy!! The talent on there is amazing. And having it all so accessible, it really is a wonderful thing. Some of my favorite things come from etsy, and I am talking everyday type things. Some may think Etsy is only for high dollar specialty/boutique type items since it is all handmade, but oh contraire.
For example, the shirt I am wearing right now is one of my favorite shirts:

I got this shirt from maryink and I adore it!! Even cooler, I got another shirt free, she was having a sale, and that one is another extreme favorite. Make sure you check out the Saturday Night Specials on the Etsy forums to catch awesome deals like that.

And this butter dish is something we use everyday:

I got this from utilemud and it is so beautiful yet totally functional.

And this is my favorite washcloth:

I bought this from MFCrafts and have since gone back for more to give as gifts.

So, after seeing all these fabulous things I already own... and they are only a very teensy percentage... I bet you are dying to see this fabulous birthday wish list. Well, I will share as soon as I can narrow down some of my choices. I have such a hard time just picking one or two items from each store. I want it all... LOL!

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Sarah said...

Great list! My birthday list consists of all Etsy things as well...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Happy belated anniversary to you, too! How old are your kiddos? I have 3 boys, 5, 4, and 2. Nice to 'meet' you! :)