Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That Crazy Lady with the Camera

I am pretty sure my neighbors think I am some crazy woman. I think they probably can figure out I am taking pictures of the flowers when I am outside with my camera but I think they probably start to question my sanity when I am laying on the ground under a bush or hiding in the azaleas. Then they see me in my compost pile taking pictures of the rotten pumpkin. And then, to top it off, I am in the front yard taking pictures of some weird thing propped on an old wooden ladder... LOL! I am sure I am a sight! None of them have ever asked me what I was doing. And when we talk they never bring it up... that makes me pretty sure they think it is something unspeakable. So funny!!
Above are some recent butterfly shots I have taken in my yard. Check out my flicr site for more photos:


Hey Harriet said...

Beautiful photos! I also believe that my neighbours think I'm a little odd when I'm outside with my camera. The things we do for a nice shot ;)

industrialpoppy said...

Oh that is funny! I too have wondered what my neighbors think, and I am only photographing jewelry! I am still chuckling at the compost visual, but your blog is beatiful, so please keep it up:)

DreamON said...

I'm always self-conscious when photographing my artwork, but I've learned to try to keep my wits about me. I was so involved taking pictures of a public arts statue once that I tripped over something and fell down. Of course, first thing I thought of was to check out who might have seen me being a klutz.

Rocki said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous photos! I can almost touch the butterfly it is so clear!

(found you via the etsy forum about the new gadget - thanks!)

twiddlestix said...

LOL! I am glad I am not the only crazy photo lady! My closest neighbors are about a quarter mile away, so that is not an issue for me! Great photos!