Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Still waiting and S-P-U-D

Well, I still have not heard about the job at the church. I am really feeling that I would be fine either way, whether I got it or not.

The two oldest have started school this week. Ryan is struggling with the exhausting schedule. He is so cranky by the afternoon, I can really tell it is tiring him out. I am sure that will improve with time but I do see now that pre-school could have helped with that adjustment.

Megan is loving middle school. I am so happy with her teachers and the fact that the school has been newly renovated. I really believe this is going to be a great year for her.

Kaileigh is enjoying being home alone but I am finding that she has a tendency to want to watch movies all day. It is hard not having Ryan here to play with her. He always was so good at convincing her to go play outside.

Tonight was the start of our Wednesday dinners at church. We take a break during the summer. I went ahead and took care of the kids during the bible study. We made cards for some of our church members who were recently in an accident. Then we went outside and played a ball game called S-P-U-D. It was fun but boy am I tired and sore now, LOL. I am no spring chicken.

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