Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birthday Goodness!!!

Well, my birthday was on the 16th so I think it is high time to give a report of the birthday goodness that took place. I do believe I had a fabulous birthday! I mentioned in the post before this that I got an awesome CD from hubby and kids, but I did not mention I also got cheesecake... yum!!! As for my picks on etsy:

I got this beautiful necklace from the fabulous accessoryalamode

I am getting it stamped with "Trust in the Lord" and a pink pearl in the middle.

I also bought myself this cute tote from Midnightcreations

And, one of my favorite gifts was from my mom, BUTTONS!!

And I used those cool vintage beads to make these earrings:

which can be found in my etsy store.


Sarah said...

Happy birthday! I love the necklace you bought for yourself, and I especially love what you are having stamped on it!

twiddlestix said...

Happy Birthday! The earrings you made are beautiful! I am jealous of your tote you bought, and I love the necklace you picked out too!

earmark said...

oh i love those earrings! great blog!