Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shame on Leapfrog!!

I am at a place in my life where my main focus is on simplifying and going back to the basics. So, maybe that is what has made me a tad overly sensitive to this commercial. Cause let me tell you, it really gets my blood to boilin'! For real... this company that is supposedly all about education is bashing a book on TV? See, as a kid, I would have thought that giant encyclopedia of amphibians was awesome. And here is this idiot, dressed as a frog, all happy that these kids would prefer to have a book read to them, a book that is Spong Bob Square Pants that reads to them.... No Parent Needed, No Imagination Needed, heck.... basically No Brain Activity Needed.... AAARRRRRRRGGGHHH!!! OK, I have let myself get wrung up again.

See, I see it on Wednesday nights at church. I work with the kids, grades 3 through 7. I asked these kids to play charades. The influence of video games and the lack of cooperative problem solving was almost painful to watch. They can not think of things on simple terms. Everything was like video and TV today, ultra complicated and blown way out of normal perspective.

Anyway... I could go on. But I think you get my gist.

PS I do not think this is a bad thing for kids to have as long as it is part of a varied experience with books. I just think bashing a "plain ol' book" was the wrong approach for leapfrog to take and it got me a little tiffed.

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