Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why Not?

Why not switch to a vegetable protein deodorant such as this wonderful deoderant by GudonyaToo? I know there are plenty of reasons out there on the internet to doubt there is any danger of using aluminum based deodorants (because I searched) but I also know there are some out here who believe there could be links between deoderant and alzheimers and deoderant and breast cancer (because I found those too). So, I guess my thought is: Why even risk it when there are fabulous, handmade, awesome working deoderants available on web sites like Etsy? I have been using deoderant from GudonyaToo for at least a month now and I LOVE it. I sweat a LOT (embarrassing!) because when I get anxious I sweat, and since I have a little issue with anxiety, I get anxious a lot. So, I figure if this stuff has me still smelling not stinky after 36 hours (which it does) then this is such an awesome alternative to that harsh chemical stuff that is mass produced... and where exactly is deodorant made....? Oh, but I digress. My point is, this stuff really works, it is great, so why not try it?

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