Friday, October 10, 2008

It is snowing in Idaho

Holy cow! I knew this was going to happen. Winter is going to totally sneak up on me. I just came across this photo in miss courageous' photos in flickr and it really kicked my butt into gear. I am the type who buys a cute beach print fabric and plans to make a cute tote for the summer. I miss the first summer, and decide I am definitely not going to miss next summer. So, I keep seeing the fabric during the winter, and think, as soon as it starts getting a little warm, I am going to make somethig beachy... but surely it is too early now... So, now it is fall, the fabric is still in my stash pile. Why? Because darn if the summer did not come and go like a flash again. I really just need to flip my creating schedule and make summer stuff in the winter, fall in the spring, winter in the summer and spring in the fall. LOL!


LittlePeanutShop said...

Oh, how I wish we had snow... any time of year! We just don't get snow in my part of California. :)

Payson said...

Wow, it's still nearly 70 degrees here in New York!